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About PureVally

What is Pure Valley?

Pure Valley is a natural cosmetics company that produces cosmetics products based on healthy and beautiful natural ingredients.

All of our products including cleansers that directly touch your skin and cosmetics that you apply to your skin are authentic natural cosmetics capable of total skin care.

The products of Pure Valley:

  • Only use the best-quality ingredients, and the natural extracts are made of plants from the clean areas of Jiri Mountain to increase effectiveness.
  • Basic skin care products are made of the finest oils including Jojoba Seed Oil, Argan Kernel Oil, Rosehip Oil, and Evening Primrose Oil that are conducive to skin health.
  • Face/body cleansers and shampoos are liquid soap made of the finest oil and fat to protect your skin health.
  • For your beauty and health of your family, pure Valley products use the minimum amount of chemical additives and are made of natural ingredients.

Pure Valley Products

Natural Cosmetics Pure Valley Makes Pure Cosmetics with Natural Materials

"You have to keep your skin clean to make it beautiful.“

"Cosmetics made from natural ingredients that make our skin healthy and beautiful!“

The main raw materials used in natural cleaners are safe using pure vegetable oils, and the characteristics and efficacy of oils are applied to each product according to the purpose.

Also, natural medicinal herb, herbs, and fruits that are effective in the human body are used to protect the health of the skin and scalp.

The basic principle is not to use synthetic surfactants (plant-derived, plant-based), chemical additives such as preservatives or silicones.

Pure Valley products are intended to provide customers with natural cleaning agents and natural cosmetics that help to improve skin and scalp health and improve trouble, rather than a simple sense of use and post-use feeling.